Eyelash Extensions – How to Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beauty trend that has swept the nation. They offer a quick way to look beautiful and refreshed without the use of mascara or false eyelashes. They have become an important part of many women’s makeup routine and can also help to save time in the morning when getting ready.

While lash extensions are amazing, they come with some side effects that should be taken into consideration before booking your appointment. Eyelash extensions can cause irritation to the corneas and eyelids if the application process is not done correctly. This could lead to infections or even permanent damage in extreme cases. It is important that you follow the lash extension care tips given to you by your technician.

Before starting the application process, your lash artist will ask you what kind of look you’re going for. This helps them determine the ideal length and curl strength of your lashes. You will also want to avoid wearing any mascara, makeup, or oily skin products on the day of your appointment. These things can interfere with the bonding process and cause the lashes to fall out earlier than they should.

Enhance Your Look: Exploring Eye Lash Extensions

After the lashes are applied, it is important to keep them dry for 24 hours. This is because excessive moisture around the eyes can cause an allergic reaction to the glue used to apply the lashes. It is also important to avoid excessive contact with steam, salty water, or humidity as these can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely and leave the natural lash that they were attached to behind.