How to Make Color Block Curtains

Color block curtains can make a dramatic statement in any room, whether you use solid blocks of one color or pairs of different patterns. They’re often a great way to draw attention to a window in an architecturally interesting room or create a focal point at the top of a wall or wainscoting. They can also add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral space, or tie a room’s colors together. More info:

To sew your own color block curtains, you’ll need two fabrics in the colors or patterns you want for the blocking, fabric glue, and a sewing machine. Begin by measuring your windows and cutting the fabrics to the correct size. Next, arrange the sections of fabric on a table or floor in the pattern you have chosen and pin them to hold them in place. Finally, spread the appropriate type of fabric glue over the pieces of fabric and gently separate them. Once the fabric has dried, you can hem the bottom and top of each curtain panel to finish them off.

Color Psychology in Home Decor: What Your Color Block Curtains Say

Custom color block curtains are a great option to consider when you’re designing a new space or redecorating your home in Chattanooga, Nashville or Atlanta. At High Country, our team will help you select fabrics and color-block styles to match your home’s décor and coordinate with your furniture and accessories. Contact us today to schedule your free design consultation! Our affiliates may earn money from purchases made through links on this page.