Roller Garage Doors Cambridge

Roller Garage Doors Cambridge

For those wanting a more classic look, or for situations where ceiling space is limited, B&D’s range of roller garage doors offers an attractive solution. This style of door is simple in form and design and has the added benefit of being very easy to operate. Roller doors can also be specified to a Secured by Design Level 1 specification; it is the highest specification available for this type of door.

Roller Garage Doors Cambridge allows the owner to control who has access to their garage and what time they can enter/exit the premises, ensuring that unauthorised people cannot gain access. This feature also protects their car and other possessions in the garage against theft, as it prevents burglars from simply entering the property through the garage.

Choosing the Perfect Garage Doors for Your Cambridge Home

Roller garage doors are a very popular option for residential homes and commercial applications. They are compact and do not require internal tracks, which makes them the ideal choice for installations with limited space or where the garage ceiling is too low to install a sectional door. These doors are available in a large variety of sizes and can be fitted with a remote-control operation for convenience.

B&D offers a wide range of domestic and commercial roller doors. They can be supplied with a choice of curtain materials, slat profiles and colours to suit your personal style and décor. For those seeking a more durable solution, the Bal-Maze and Storm-Shield roller door designs are ideal for environments where bushfires or cyclones may be an issue.